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My Real Estate Journey: Janitor to Business Owner

Real EstateMy Real Estate Journey

My real estate journey is a tad unorthodox.

Growing up with parents as investors, I always had a stark interest in the business. Knowing the difficulty of becoming a top agent, I started at the bottom…


A Janitor With A Dream

My career began in 2010, as a janitor for one of the largest real estate firms in the nation.

From there, I had learned the importance of being excellent in my work, even when it is as menial as cleaning a toilet.

There were several nights I would walk around that office dreaming of the day I would be able to sit in one of those desks, negotiating contracts as an agent.

Once I got my foot in the door, becoming an agent was the inevitable next step.

The Dream Became Reality

Real EstateI had become a licensed real estate agent in June 2011, during the throes of one of the worst housing markets this nation has ever seen.

While most agents were “jumping ship,” I was learning everything I could in an attempt to becoming the best agent in my office.

It worked.

I then quickly developed a dedicated client base, and rose to #1 in my office in individual sales.

Starting My Own Real Estate Company

It was time to take my career to the next level.Real Estate

So in May 2014, I opened the doors of Bowman Real Estate and Property Management, and have never looked back.

Regardless of how successful I get, I stay grounded, remembering that not too long ago, I was working a meager job that nobody thought twice about.

I never take my success for granted, and I never take my foot off of the gas pedal.

Whatever your real estate or property management need is, our team is here to serve you.

In the midst of dozens of firms with similar services, we are the hardest working, most dedicated firm you will find.

We will work hard to get you to the closing table, creating an ongoing relationship, to offer a professional opinion.

My business philosophy is mirrored by the words of the late, great, Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Let us help you today!Real Estate

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