bowman way

The Bowman Way

The Bowman Way – The Way of Excellence.

In every area of life, there are excellent companies or organizations that are a “cut above” the rest. When I look at the companies I own, I want people to experience “The Bowman Way.”

First off, and for the record, let me clarify: The following is not an endorsement for any mentioned brands, nor was I paid for this post. 

Moving on…

In sports, you have the Spurs and the Patriots.

Regardless of your feelings toward them, there’s no denying that every play, every game, and every press conference is done with the utmost of excellence.

In business, you have Chick-fil-A and QT.

Two altogether different companies, but the same principal exists: every single interaction with these businesses is nothing short of excellence.

There’s nothing inherently magical about any of these four entities, except that they, at their very core, are driven by excellence.

This is what I meant earlier by my desire for “The Bowman Way”.

Every interaction we have with the public must be special.

From the holding music when they call our main line, to the smiles on our team members faces when they answer the phone…

From the quality of the paperwork, to our communication with our clients…

From every single interaction between our team and our clients, to the interactions between our team members

I want everybody to walk away with an experience unlike any other.

When this is accomplished, growing the business will take care of itself.


“With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.” – Aristotle

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